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Behind fam is a woman with almost 10 years of experience with a camera, professionaly capturing the emotions, everyday moments and the miracle of growing a new life and a family, a woman who’s been also working as a kindergarten teacher for 6 years. I am a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, an aunt, a wife, a future mom and  a friend.

Fam photography style is simple, gentle and natural, which emphasizes the beauty and perfection of the present and moments that never want to be forgotten.

Concept of fam is based on the pure love between the members of a family and on the spontaneous moments that you will cherish the whole life. You, your love, tenderness, playfulness and your own emotions are enough.

Fam is a perfect choice for everyone who wants to have everlasting moments close to them for all eternity. Excitement of the new life, perfection of becoming a family, tenderness of new hugs, joy while discovering a completely new world, happiness. It is completely worth never forgetting about it.

I honestly believe that parenthood is the biggest life adventure and family is the most important of all in life. It would be an exceptional honor earning your trust and allowing me to become a part of your family memories.

♡ Thank you ♡
Love, Ivana